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Alumni Speaks

Poorvi Khandelwal
Owner S.O.S "Saltation Of Senen" - The Dance &Fitness Studio, and Teacher at Teoler High School
B.Com. Batch 2016-17

Graduating from an academic institution like SSJSSM was an impetus to my overall development. I learnt so much about performing arts and choreography, which became my passion and finally, my career. It was during my time in college that I realized my interest in dancing and arts, which has today made me the owner of my very own dance and fitness studio- S.O.S "Saltation of Senen". I will always feel eternal gratitude towards our respected Principal Ma'am and for all the members of the Cultural Committee, who took such good care of me and made me shine in my performances. Thank you, SSJSSM, for the grounding and the enriching experience.