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In today’s 24x7 online world, it is imperative for all businesses to use Digital Marketing for their products & services so that they can efficiently gain global reach at low cost and serve them round the clock. Another clear advantage is that Digital Marketing ensures trackable, measurable results of marketing campaigns - measuring with web analytics and other online metric tools makes it easier to establish how effective a campaign has been. One can easily obtain detailed information about how customers use their website or respond to their advertising on various social media channels.

Therefore Digital marketing skills are critical not only for digital marketing enthusiasts, youth or professionals but for anyone working in a business with an online presence. This includes entrepreneurs, marketing managers, marketing specialists and small business owners. Hence, RKCL intends to include this course in bouquet of courses available with RKCL.
RKCL intends to launch this Advanced Excel course in OFFLINE mode.

Course Details

  • Course Name      :      RKCL Certificate in Digital Marketing
  • Course Duration  :      120 Hours ( 4 Months)
  • Course Fee         :     Rs. 5000/-
  • Deliverables        :     Final Online Exam
  • Certification         :    Certification by RKCL

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